April 22, 2010


Happy Earth Day!
I know today is a day to be green, but I've been loving the sunshine shining down on our fine earth these days and thought I would do a tribute to a popular color around our house lately...yellow!

daisies Cory gave me for my birthday
new purse for spring and polka dot notebook
lemons in my kitchen
post-it notepads
sunny yellow buttons from Papertrey Ink
'little people playing' sign in the kids' craftroom
lip balm...I'm an addict
earth friendly cleaning product
the scent of this candle suits the season...so fresh smelling, mmmm
body cream in our ensuite


Lachalle Jones said...

Would love to get a kids play sign too .mind sharing ....

Starr Mercer said...

L, I believe the kids sign is from Toys R Us.