January 07, 2011


Ahhh, that's better. My studio after I took some time to organize, purge and just plain clean-up in there (it really needed it). Over the holidays, this was the room anything and everything was just tossed into, creating a disaster. I am so thrilled by how it turned out.

Before... (edit: I had moved out most of the mess before I realized I should do a before photo, every inch of the floor was covered)
cardstock pile to sort was over flowing
And now, voila...
My absolute favorite part of the room...photo shelf along my desk area inspired by Becky Higgins!!!
The corner where I keep my Cricut, punches, ribbons & layout drawers.
(edit: white shelf hung on the wall is this one)
Our dog's chair by the magazines.
Workstation from Pier 1...hopefully a little more functional with my workflow.
Most commonly used tools have their own spot on this table.
Under the workstation I keep a filing cabinet for 8.5x11 cardstock...it's very handy for whipping together cards. And my trashcan lives here also.
I took a chance to sort all my cardstock into the SU new color families.
Corner for patterned 12x12 paper, printer, stack of printable lables, LOM category drawers.
Added another row of cubes to this storage and placed SU inks & Big Shot on top.
(edit: stocked up on all of these cubes from Michaels very patiently, using a 40% off coupon for each and every one of them)
Corner for the phone, tv/dvd player, box of handmade cards, handy catalogues and a fun handpainted bowl of loose stamps.
Stamp storage...sorted by themes (words, shapes, kids, christmas, etc.)
I have found that I need a bit of extra organization when it comes to stamps, so I'm going to stamp the images from each set and put together a binder for quick reference...that way I can flip through the binder to be inspired and refresh myself with the stamps I have on hand.
Backside of my workstation...here I have clear 12x12 boxes with embellishments sorted by theme (Halloween, love, boy, girl, fall, winter, coffee, etc.). These boxes represent a place I can go for items with popular themes I create with.
Makes me feel so much better to have this room under control...let's hope it stays that way.
I am very lucky to have this space all to myself...it was a wish of mine when my husband & I built our dream home 2 years ago.
Read more about storage solutions in this room here and here.
(edit: wall color is Jalapeno Pepper by Benjamin Moore)


alicia king said...

wow! i love your room! it reminds me of Becky Higgins room...with the green walls! i love green! looks good, it's always nice to have a room you love to walk into, to inspire and create!

tomiannie said...


Veronica said...

I found you from Becky Higgins. I have to say I love your scrap space, I am very very jealous! It looks wonderful!

Armymom said...

BEAUTIFUL room!! :) love the color. Can you share the name of the color?? I have been wanting to go green and am having trouble picking one. LOVE yours!!

Holly Jordan said...

Amazing!!! Love the black and white accents with the rich green walls. You are an inspiration in the organization category :)

Stacia said...

Looks great! I have to ask: what is the thingie on which you (it looks like) hang your sets of stickers and/or rub-ons? I desperately need a better way to store these so I can see what I have.

Denise said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your beautiful room!

Anonymous said...

Awesome room!! I made a binder with all my stamp sets too, but instead of stamping them, I printed off the index prints from SplitcoastStampers.com. Saved lots of time, and they all print the same size.

Margee' said...

Wish my scrap room in the dungeon(basement nickname) looked like that!

thezenofmaking said...

A friend on my blog's fan page linked me to this post in a conversation about organizing your craft space. I love the look of your workstation--I really want to make something similar, but with a cutting mat top. Thanks for sharing your inspiring organizational skills!