April 20, 2011


Today is my birthday!  {smile}  Each year I find myself reflecting on the little things that make me, ME.  It's fun to look back and compare each year.

Here it goes...this is me
- love a good stack of magazines
- snuggle EACH of my kids once a day
- serving others brings me JOY
- still terrified of spiders
- I have been blogging for 5 fabulous years
- when I'm feeling fiesty, I squeal the tires of my minivan
- I have found happiness in doing what I love
- juggling kids & a business mean that at times, both suffer
- I rarely leave home without a shower
- I will organize a flash mob dance sometime
- I love the rush of the city but am so at HOME in my small town
- dance music is my fave, country music is not
- I am often asked how do I do it all, I respond with the answer 'I don't'
- I have three mentors, all beginning with the letter 'R'
- it amazes me that just when I think Cory & I couldn't get any CLOSER, we do
- making plans to go to New York, Paris & South Africa
- I don't take my health for granted
- enviornmental cheerleader
- my heart tells me to have another baby, my head tells me to stop at three wonderful kids
- I have lost faith, I hope one day I will find it again...my spiritual quest is on-going
- I  rail car graffiti
- so blessed to have found my passion in photography & creating art
- favorite color right now is navy
- mmmmm, WINE (pound grape)
- love to share and inspire others, just as so many have done for me
- I love red skittles and convince my kids to let me eat theirs
- can feel my ART *spark* revealing itself again
- feel such a belonging in my community
- miss my friends who live a far
- I have found what keeps me going are the connections with people in my life
- when life is too much, I crank up the music

Looking forward to what is in store for age thirty-four!


Veronica said...

Happy Birthday!!! I always love coming to your blog to see what's new! I love the pictures. I also think the list is a great idea I might just have to try that one day!

Lachalle Jones said...

I so do the last one too !!! Also have the same taste in music . So crank it up !!!