October 28, 2011


We jetted to Montreal for the lumberyard to attend the annual Chalifour Show.  My parents were so sweet to look after our three kiddos while we were away.  We had an amazing trip!

We arrived, attended some meetings and then went sight seeing in Old Montreal.  We loved the feel of the city, maybe because we slowed down enough to enjoy it with being away from work, but there was just something we both loved about Montreal.  Around every corner was a wine & sushi bar, art everywhere, the architecture was gorgeous and we had no trouble talking to the french locals (I brought my Grade 8 French/English dictionary just incase).

This evening we stumbled upon Toque Restaurant for a late dinner.  Being tourists, we didn't realize we need a reservation...I think the maitre d' felt sorry for us anglophones and found us a table for two.  It was a delightful evening ended with a stroll back to our hotel.

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