October 29, 2011


Today we had a full day at the Chalifour show.  Made many contacts, decided on the point-of-sale system for the store and received lots of great help from suppliers on merchandising shelves.  So after we were all finished with business, it was time for some touring around.

We discovered the Notre-Dame Basilica Church just down the street, toured some shops, and enjoyed walking the cobblestone streets.  This area is a photographers dream (everyone told me I need to go to Quebec City next if I was impressed with Montreal).

We had a nice dinner together, just the two of us, which seems really special these days when we seldom get a date night.  I can't even remember the name of the restaurant, but it was quaint, trendy with great food & wine.  Our waiter treated us to a glass of Spanish sherry...it topped off a great evening!

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